Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of bestwhiskymarket.com






  1. The Customer, according to the following terms and conditions is:

    • Natural person, who at the time of placing the order is at least 18 years old

    • Legal person represented by natural person who is at least 18 years old

    • organisational unit without legal personality in accordance to Article 331 of the Civil Code;


  1. The Seller is:

Malt Invest Sp. z o.o.

ul. Rataja 1

77-310 Debrzno

NIP [Tax Identification Number]

REGON [National Register of Economic Units] 221853237

KRS [National Court Register]: 0000456245

Phone number: + 48 515-102-232 + 48 515-102-232

Email: info@bestwhiskymarket.com


Bank account: PLN 6102046650000330200317099


Bank account: EUR 17102046650000390200325225





Alcohol permit number for alcohol containing more than 18%: 1/A/2013 issued by Mayor of Debrzno Town.

  1. The ownership of bestwhiskymarket.com is Malt Invest Sp. z o. o. The site is designed to place the orders for presented products.

  2. In order to avoid any doubts referred to in Article 70 §2 of the Civil Code it is stipulated that the Sale Contract shall be concluded in Debrzno in retail outlet of Malt Invest Sp. z o .o

  3. Malt Invest Sp. z o. o. sells alcohol in retail store in Debrzno at the address: ul. Rataja 1 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  4. The sale is carried out in accordance with the Trade and Civil Law.

  5. All prices are gross prices which include VAT and excise tax. Quoted prices do not include delivery costs. The Seller adds delivery costs depending on the dispatch weight and the place of delivery. The costs of transport are not added when the dispatch is collected in person.

  6. All information presented at bestwhiskymarket.com constitutes a binding trade offer for the Seller.

  7. All products presented at bestwhiskymarket.com are available. The Seller does not insert on the website products which are out of stock.

  8. Sale Contract (hereinafter referred to as the Contract) is concluded by and between the Customer and the Seller on the conditions of said terms and conditions at the time of the order confirmation. Security and release of material provisions of the Contract is done by printing and passing on a receipt or a VAT invoice to the Customer.




Placing an order


  1. The Customer may place an order in the following ways:

    1. by phone- call (+48) 515-102-232

    2. via email- send email at info@bestwhiskymarket.com

    3. by logging in at bestwhiskymarket.com

After logging in at bestwhiskymarket.com, the Customer may place further orders by adding chosen products to the ”Basket”. Later on the Customer is asked to specify delivery address and a method of payment.

In case of PayPal payment, the Customer is charged with additional 3 % of the order value.

When the payment method is specified the order is automatically sent to the Seller’s email address. Within 24 hours the Customer will receive an email confirming the order which includes:

Type and number of ordered goods, price of delivery and total payment. The confirmation email includes also account number on which the payment shall be made.

The Customer will be informed via email about the changes in delivery status and after logging in at bestwhiskymarket.com in ”My account”-”My orders” section.

  1. The Seller reserves the right to confirm the order by phone or cancel it.

  2. In order to confirm legal age at the Seller’s request, the Customer is obliged to send via email a photocopy –scan of identity card or other document confirming identity. Parcel will be delivered only to a sober person that is at least 18 years old.




Payment and order fulfilment


  1. In case of payment by bank transfer on the Seller’s account, the payment shall be made within 7 days upon the receipt of order confirmation. If there is no payment on the Seller`s account on the due date, the order will be cancelled.

  2. The Customer may make amendments to the order. An overpayment resulting from amendments will be returned to the Customer within 7days.

  3. Dispatch of the ordered goods begins upon the receipt of full payment on the Seller`s account. Goods are dispatched after the payment receipt within two working days from booking of payment.

  4. Goods may be collected in person in the Seller’s shop (at the address: ul. Rataja 1, 77-310 Debrzno) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. or at any other time that has been previously agreed upon by phone or email.

  5. Dispatch is made by one of the courier services. Delivery date takes usually 2 working days.

  6. Dispatch cost depends on the weight of parcel. Table including delivery costs can be found at bestwhiskymarket.com in ”Delivery” section.

  7. Cost of purchase above PLN 500 is covered by the Seller.

  8. The Seller is not liable for failure or delay in delivery resulting from giving incomplete or incorrect address by the Customer.

  9. When delivering a shipment, courier has a right to request production of identification document to verify Customer’s identity and confirm his/ her legal age. The shipment will not be delivered to an underage person or a person who was not specified in the order. Refusal to produce identification or any discrepancies with data specified in the order results in delivery failure. The Goods will be returned to the Seller. The Customer will receive overpayment less delivery costs.

  10. The recipient must not be under the influence of alcohol otherwise an advice note will be left and the shipment will be delivered when the Customer is sober.



Returns and complaints


  1. The Customer may withdraw from the Contract and send back a purchase within 14 days without giving reason.

  2. The Customer shall issue a written statement of withdrawal from a contract within 14 days from the date of collecting the shipment.

  3. The Goods must be sent back within 14 days to the Seller’s address (77-310 Debrzno, ul. Rataja 1). The Customer covers the cost of the shipment to the Seller.

  4. The Goods must be returned in good conditions, with no signs of use, especially with the container seal unopened.

  5. The proof of purchase (a receipt or an invoice) and the Customer’s personal data with the account number on which money will be transferred shall be included with returned Goods. When the proof of purchase is lost, the Customer shall present other document confirming the purchase, e.g. confirmation of bank transfer or PayPal account statement.

  6. The Goods value will be paid back on the specified bank account after a positive verification of the returned Goods conditions . In case of a negative verification, its result will be send in writing by post together with the Goods. The Customer will be informed in writing about collection of the returned goods which were specified in statement of withdrawal from a sale contract and about complaint acceptance.

  7. When goods are bought directly in the Seller’s store, returns will not be accepted.

  8. The Customer has a right to make a complaint in the following cases:

    1. Mechanical damages of shipment resulting from transport

    2. Discrepancies between the goods and the order

  9. In case of courier delivery the Customer is obliged to check if the package is free from any mechanic damages before he signs the protocol of reception of goods. Upon signature of document of reception of goods the Customer confirms delivery accordance. When mechanic damages are noticed the Customer is obliged to make a damage protocol in courier’s presence during the goods collection. Claims regarding mechanic damages will be recognized on the basis of the damage protocol.

  10. In case of complaint regarding good discrepancy, first and foremost the Customer shall call the store to explain the situation. If there are goods discrepancies, the goods shall be sent back to the store address: Malt Invest ul. Rataja 1, 77-310 Debrzno. Returned goods shall be undamaged with container seal unopened. The Customer will promptly receive ordered goods. If it is not possible (e.g. due to stocks run out), the Seller shall pay back the Goods price or propose other available goods to the Customer .

  11. A complaint of purchased goods will be adjusted only when a proof of purchase such as a receipt or an invoice is enclosed. When proof of purchase is lost, the Customer may enclose bank transfer confirmation of the purchased goods.

  12. Apart from the proof of purchase, a written notice containing detailed description of complaint shall be enclosed to claimed goods. When a complaint is recognized, the delivery cost of claimed goods is covered by the Seller.

  13. The Seller processes a complaint within 14 days from the date of its receiving.




Orders Cancellation


  1. The Customer may call the Seller and cancel an order.

  2. When the Customer cancels an order after making a payment, it will be paid back after its receipt within 3 working days.

  3. The Customer may not cancel an order when the Goods have been sent to him/ her.



Personal data protection


  1. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883) every Customer who uses service of Malt Invest Sp. z. o. o agrees to have their data processed, is eligible to review, edit or delete his/her personal data from the base.

  2. The Customer when places an order via website bestwhiskymarket.com, in accordance with said terms and conditions agrees to have their data processed by the Seller that are essential to fulfil the order.

  3. Personal data given by the Customer during the order fulfilment are collected by Malt Invest Sp. z o. o. Malt Invest Sp. z o. o. commits itself to keep data properly and do not pass them on to the third party.

  4. Privacy Policy” is attached as an appendix to said terms and conditions. There are included all information regarding collection of the Customer’s personal data and used by bestwhiskymarket.com cookie files.



Final provisions


  1. When logging in at bestwhiskymarket.com the Customer confirms that he/ she has acquainted himself/ herself with said terms and conditions and accepts its provisions.

  2. All complaints regarding noncompliance with said terms and conditions will not be adjusted.

  3. All contractual disputes will be governed by competent Common Court.

  4. All cases not regulated by said terms and conditions will be governed by provision of the Civil Code and Consumer Protection Rights.

  5. Provisions od said terms and conditions has been effective since 1 December 2013.